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I’m actually concerned for boys who complain about how different girls look without makeup. Like did you think eyeshadow permanently alters a girls eyelid? Are you frightened when people change clothes

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stop being too cool to enjoy things

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ian + mickey playlist from scenes.

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Who the fuck named the Sahara Desert anyway

Sahara is just the Arabic word for “deserts”

You fucking named it the Desert Desert

way to fucking go

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I follow you cause your a kickass blog that posts shameless and other things I like. You are totally amazeballz ♡

aww thank you so much!!!!

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Cameron Monaghan talks new season of “Shameless” and gushes over William H. Macy’s Emmy nomination.

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tell me why u follow me on anon

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You know something, Ohio? It’s not easy to break out of your comfort zone. People will tear you down, tell you you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. But let me tell you something: there’s not much of a difference between a stadium full of cheering fans and an angry crowd screaming abuse at you. They’re both just making a lot of noise. How you take it is up to you. Convince yourself they’re cheering for you. You do that, and someday, they will.

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